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Super 18 Turbo Cub

Able to fly higher and faster than any Super Cub, this is the Super 18 Turbo Cub -- the most complex Super Cub in the world! It's built on an Airframes Alaska wide-body fuselage with the Dakota Cub slotted-wing. This Super 18 Turbo Cub is powered by an Aero Sport Power (Superior) TIO-360-C1A Lycoming clone that is installed with the Thrust Line mod which has allowed this project to happen. Power is transmitted through a MT composite constant speed prop. This Turbo Cub stands on 6-inch extended gear with 35-inch Alaska Bushwheel Tires and Alpha Omega suspension. With this much angle of attack, this airplane is able to realize the full effect of the Dakota slotted wing. Because of the turbo, we are able to make full power at altitude and have seen 30 inches at 10,000 feet.

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Super Breezy

The Super Breezy available exclusively from Yakima Aerosport is the world's only breezy built with the Dakota Cub slotted wing giving it incredible STOL performance, similar to that of a PA-18 Super Cub.

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The Bushmaster

This is our four-seat Super Cub equipped with the Dakota Cub slotted wing.

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King Rebuild Project

This Super Cub came in for a recover. Upon further inspection, we found massive corrosion so it ended up getting a brand new Airframes fuselage.